Boot & Tax - Fusci EP

Boot & Tax return with their second EP following the success of the sold out "Acido" EP which received a multitude of plays from a plethora of djs in a profusion of discotheques.


optimo trax 12 Sleeve with step (no outlines)

Shift Work - Scaled To Fit EP

Shift Work wring everyday sounds into something you can dance to. Snippets of woven speech, audio fragments stitched with waves of pulsing mid-priced synths - the noise of syncopation, cheap art, ringing ears, cracked snares, accidents and oscillations. And some very tidy wiring.



Michele Mininni - Tupolev Love EP

Michele Mininni is from Southern Italy where he says people are not interested in his type of music so he was forced to reach out to Glasgow where it turns out some people most defintely are.


Golden Teacher Party

Golden Teacher - Party People/Love EP

After the success of their first EP “Bells from the Deep End” and their second “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, we are very happy to present the third Golden Teacher EP with another sleeve designed and made by their fair hands. Their latest release is a party record…play it loud, preferably with some lasers and strobes, and LET LOOSE.



The Twins - You've Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic) EP

We first met The Twins when they were hanging out in Glasgow before they were twins and were simply known as Julienne Dessagne. By the time our paths had crossed in various European capital cities they had fully developed their Twin like tendencies. A mutual appreciation was born and out of that came the suggestion that The Twins might make a record for Optimo Music. The resulting three tracks far exceeded our wildest expectations and we are incredibly proud to be presenting this Twins magnum opus to the world.


ot_006_pacshot_1417px copy copy

Luca Lozano - And It Was Good EP

Luca Lozano, owner of Klasse Recordings presents this majestic 4 track EP on Optimo Trax. Inspired by the past but sounding the antithesis of retro. In his own words.... "The Optimo Trax EP was born out of a time when I was listening to a lot of old Bleep House and Rave, early 90s UK stuff. Growing up in Sheffield I was lucky enough to spend some time in Warp Records when it was still a record store and being around this music and the people that made it must have somehow embedded itself into my psyche."


Whilst Sleeve Art

Whilst - Everything There Was Was There EP

Formed originally as a jam-based project in the ever-fertile analogue studio ‘Green Door’, Whilst jump seamlessly between free jazz, primitive electronics, dubby post-punk, North African and motorik stlyings, underpinning their sound with a strong punk ethos


ot_005_pacshot_1417px copy


Long time friends and allies of JD Twitch, Milan's Barking Dogs run the fantastic Serendeepity record shop in the basement of which lies their analogue sonic laboratory where they create live mutant funk masterpieces. Funk is an often mis-applied term but these tracks ooze it from every pore and you can literally hear the Dogs wrestling it out of their machines.




The next two Optimo Trax releases are from Milan. This first one is four HOT tracks from two self-effacing Milanese maestros. "Acido" is already shaping up to be a club classic and never fails to cause a commotion; it has been thoroughly road tested throughout summer 2013.


Felizol & The Boy Artwork 1

Felizol & The Boy - Like Cannibal Father Like Cannibal Son

Optimo Music is known as a 12” label, but occasionally something rare and dangerous comes our way that compels us to release a full length album… It’s not exactly a dance album, although there is music you can dance to on it. It’s more filmic in nature, with references to legendary directors like Kubrick and Carpenter that will enthrall a film buff.



Luma - Amesville EP

LUMA is a project by Dave Clark from Glasgow. Twitch thinks Dave is the best producer in Scotland and was ecstatic when the 4 killer tracks were delivered that make up this third Optimo Trax EP.



Jasper James - Sneaky EP

We return to Glasgow for Optimo Trax 009. Keeping the family business going so to speak, Jasper is the son of veteran and legendary Glasgow dj, Harri. While he can't help but be inspired by his dad's 30 year plus and still going strong dj career and musical knowledge, Jasper is definitely not treading on anyone's coat tails and very much has his own thing going on.



MVDV - Re-Dscvrd EP

These four tracks sound as great today as when they were made, over 20 years ago by the supremely talented and still actively making music Dutchman, Maarten Van Der Vleuten (who should be a far more well known name than he is as he's responsible for oodles of marvelous 12" singles).



L/F/D/M - Purple Maps EP

First 12" on Optimo Trax, Optimo Music's club focused sister label. An associate of Factory floor with 5 tracks of all analogue modern acid hybrids.


DoNotGo Gentle

Golden Teacher - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

This is heavy, rhythmic dance music. If you are looking for slick, smooth, generic computer made tunes, this release probably isn't for you, Sugar.



Peter Gordon & Factory Floor - Beachcombing

What started as a fan email has now blossomed into an incredible release by Peter Gordon and Factory Floor.



Golden Teacher - Bells From The Deep End

Imagine Dinosaur L jamming with Bobby O, K Alexi Shelby, Liaisions Dangereuses, Imagination, some voodoo drummers and Sly & Robbie. It is in our opinion one of the most original and wildest records to come out of anywhere in 2013.


Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s - Magnetic EP

Two definitive dancefloor powers collide with some dark, space, psych-out grooves. Don’t worry, there’s some melody going on here. A serious electronic feel too. The deep vibe of early acid house minimalism is abundant as well. Just listen, and all shall be revealed.



Peter Zummo - Zummo With An X

Originally released in 1985 in an edition of 500 copies, this is the first time this album has been available on vinyl for nearly 30 years.



Psyche - All Things Pass Into the Night

Psyche are a Canadian dark synth pop act centered around singer Darrin Huss. Their version of “Goodbye Horses”, originally made famous by Q Lazzarus, has maintained and continued their renown.



Organs of Love - Bone

Optimo Music release Organs of Love’s debut EP. Organs of Love are the power-sleaze duo of James McKinven (organs, love) and Alicia Matthews (vocals, love).



Chris Carter - Moonlight

Originally released in 1985 for Chris Carter’s “Mondo Beat” LP on Conspiracy International, “Moonlight” is getting a long-overdue single release of the original and reinterpretation from Neurotic Drum Band.



Factory Floor - ~ (R E A L L O V E)

Factory Floor’s ~ (R E A L L O V E) finally gets a single release accompanied by a crushing Optimo remix.



Naum Gabo - Songs from a Great City

This fantastic Naum Gabo (Jonnie Wilkes/James Savage) release offers covers of two mighty Scottish acts from the 70s/80s – Simple Minds and Fingerprintz.



The Green Door Kids - Musikal Yooth

Ever wanted to hear a bunch of kids tearing into The Stooges “I Wanna be your Dog” and the sublime garage classic “Louie Louie”?



Space System - Sorrow Show

Space System hail from Jakarta, Indonesia and we were instantly smitten by their unique sound, incredible, beautiful production and startling originality.



Chris Carter - The Spaces Between

Optimo Music finally reissue Chris Carter’s lost classic ‘The Spaces Between’ on vinyl.


Cracks cover

Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete - Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete

Alluring and provocative, Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete are just the latest in Optimo Music’s quest to find the perfect band for the next David Lynch movie.


older lover cover

Older Lover - Older Lover

Recorded and produced with a nod to the grain and patina of these past eras, via the homemade waywardness of Swell Maps or The Homosexuals, the Older Lover EP is an astute and compelling exercise in dark and seductive rock n roll.


divorce front rgb

Divorce - Divorce

Likened to a roughly grafted assemblage of no-wave punk bands, pig-fuck noise and modern-styled rhythmically violent sounds.



Dollskabeat - Zodiac Rising

DOLLSKABEAT is a solo artist, producer and performer. Part Scot, part Belarusian, part Spacer Woman. Her musical creations echo electronic, disco and RnB, whilst the arrangement and lyrics go pop.



Big Ned - Big Ned

“Bad Angel”, the debut single for ‘Ned, is out now in the shops – only 500 copies and backed with the 7″ only track “Killer”. Lux Interior will be smiling up from Hell.


release the beast front mingo edit

Den Haan - Release the Beast

This 3-track debut 12” features “Release the Beast”, a bona-fide floorfiller in Glasgow, “Metamophosis” and “Looking for Love” – pure sequential space disco.


Big Ned_Bad Angel

Big Ned - Bad Angel

Imagine David Lynch gets stuck into a barrel of booze with a big crooning cowboy. Tales of dark liaisons, women trouble and spiritual prowess are finely blended with an array of dark melodies, terror noises and warped guitars.